Legal Systems Very Different From Ours

Preliminary Syllabus, Spring 2012

1/10: Thinking about legal systems. Introduction.

1/12:  Imperial Chinese Law
Additional Readings.

1/17: Romani LawAdditional Readings.

1/19: Amish LawAdditional Readings.

Jewish LawAdditional Readings.

  Islamic LawAdditional Readings.

1/31: When God is the Legislator.

2/2:  Pirate LawAdditional Readings

2/7: Prisoner's LawAdditional Readings

2/9: Embedded and Polylegal Systems.

2/14: Saga Period IcelandAdditional Readings.

2/16: Somali LawAdditional Readings.

2/21: Administrative monday

2/23: Early Irish LawAdditional Readings. 

2/28:  Plains IndiansAdditional Readings.

3/2: Feud Law

3/6-3/12: Spring break

3/14: England in the 18th Century. Additional Readings.

3/16: Athenian Law. Additional Readings

3/21: Enforcing Rules

3/23: The Problem of Error

 Drafts of papers due

3/28:   Making Law, Guarding the Guardians

3/30:  Drafts on Berber, Nuer, Dinka, Ethiopian and Gacaca legal systems
The next seven classes will be on student papers. Read the papers and be prepared to discuss, suggest problems or improvements.
I will pass out a signup sheet for each class so that students can choose which paper they wish to read and comment on.

4/4: Islamic Law of War, Islamic Economic Law, Islamic Marriage, Islamic and Jewish Marriage, Islamic Inheritance

4/6: Sikh, Hindu1, Hindu2, Amish and Mennonite, Monastic Orders

4/11: Scandinavian, Welsh, Jesuit, Breton, Afrikaner Self-Help

4/13: Akila, Other Islamic Schools, Non-Fiqh Courts, Sects and Saudi, Committee for the Promotion of Virtue

4/18: Fatimid, Carthage, Pre-Islamic I Tribal, Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs

4/20: Pre-Islamic II, Wine, African Customary, Islamic and Jewish

4/25: Last Class. Ideas We Can Use