Legal Systems Very Different From Ours

Preliminary Syllabus, Spring 2012

1/10: Thinking about legal systems. Introduction.

1/12:  Imperial Chinese Law
Additional Readings.

1/17: Romani LawAdditional Readings.

1/19: Amish LawAdditional Readings.

Jewish LawAdditional Readings.

  Islamic LawAdditional Readings.

1/31: When God is the Legislator.

2/2:  Pirate Law.  Additional Readings.

2/7: Prisoner's Law.  Additional Readings.

2/9: Student Law.  Additional Readings.

2/14: Embedded and Polylegal Systems.

2/16: Saga Period Iceland.  Additional Readings.

2/21: Administrative monday

2/23: Somali Law.  Additional Readings. 

2/28: Early Irish Law.  Additional Readings.

3/2: Plains Indians.  Additional Readings.

3/6-3/12: Spring break

3/14: Feud Law 

3/16: England in the 18th Century. Additional Readings.

3/21: Athenian Law. Additional Readings.

3/23: Enforcing Rules

3/28: The Problem of Error

3/30 Making Law

3/31: Drafts of papers due

Guarding the Guardians

4/6:  The next five classes will be on student papers. Read the papers and be prepared to discuss, suggest problems or improvements.





4/25: Last Class. Ideas We Can Use