Legal Systems Very Different From Ours

Osher 2013

During spring semester of 3013, I taught a shortened version of my seminar as part of an adult education program run by the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at SCU.  The course consisted of four lectures, each two and a half hours long; the first was on February 11th, the last on March 11. It was a lot of fun teaching a class where I did not have to grade anyone and everyone was there to learn things, not to get credits for a degree. Very much like the classes I teach at Pennsic each year.

Unfortunately, I was even more disorganized than usual about recording my lectures, so only have recordings of the final class and part of the class before it. Anyone interested in a more details account of the legal systems and the issues they raise will find it in the draft of the book on the subject that I am currently writing.

March 4:
Review of previous class
When God is the legislature

March 11:
Review of previous class
Embedded and polylegal systems
Periclean Athens
18th c. English criminal law
Traditional Somali law
Who Guards the Guardians