Virtual Bardic Circle



The Death of Moses

The Caliph and the Gambler

Two Hundred Dinar

The Prophet Issus and the Loaves of Bread

How the Long War Was Ended Between the Brother Tribes of Abs and Dubyan

The King Who Cheated Poets

The Honorable Thief


Quest for a Kingdom

Two Voices

Verses of Instruction for Pages

Gesta Gugliemi II

Gesta Gugliemi III

A War Song for the Mists


Two Translations of Provençal Poems

    Dawn Song

    Ma domna am de bona guiza

Fiana of Clare

Belt of White

The Bard's Tale


Ballad of Baildrin and Timothy

Light of the East

Spanish Love Song.

Guthrinc's Lament

Follow My King

Gawain's Lament

Fiana and the Angel of Death