My Talks

Education. Online talk for Karl Popper Society, Oxford, 1/6/21

Arguments Libertarians Should Not Make

Porcfest, Lancaster, N.H. 6/23/18
Audio  Powerpoints

Libertarian Party of Santa Clara County, 1/26/19

Problems with Libertarianism, 1981

Law Without the State

Market Anarchy, Santiago de Compostella, 3/10/20, powerpoints

Belo Horizonte, 11/16/17 at IBMEC, Powerpoints

Brazilia, 11/18/17, Video 23/18

Hong Kong, 5/21/14, Powerpoints

Istituto Bruno Leoni, Milan, 1/21/13 (audio)

Adam Smith Institute, 1/16/13 (AudioVideo

Future Imperfect

Goiana (with Portuguese translation) 11/17/17, Powerpoints

Porto Alegre 11/13/17, Powerpoints

IEA, London, 7/2/16

(missing the beginning, includes summaries in Mandarin), 5/14/14 . Powerpoints.

Madrid, Centro Rojano, 1/25/13

Libertopia, October 17, 2010. Beginning missing.

Google, Mountain View, 9/3/08

Technological Revolutions that Might Happen and Their Consequences
London, Libertarian Alliance Conference, 2008

Externality Arguments: Climate and Population

The Problem with Externality Arguments: Climate and Population, IEA 3/5/20, Audio,

Global Warming, Population, and the Problem With Externality Arguments, Las Vegas 10/20/17 AFPF

"Global Warming, Population, and the Problem with Externality Arguments"
Oxford Libertarian Society, 1/15/13

"Global Warming and Other Good Things in Our Future
(I didn't create the title)
N.Y., N.Y., 3/5/12

Feud Law
Feud Law, Madrid, 3/7/20

Feud Law, Prague, 4/17/18

Feud Law, Pahrump, NV 10/20/17

Feud Law and Anarchy: A talk given to Miami's Rothbardian Circle, 3/23/16

Feud as Law Enforcement, ISFLC 2/27/16 (First minute or so missing) Powerpoints

Feud as Law Enforcement, Xiamen, China, 5/17/14

Market Failure, Considered as an Argument both for and Against Government

Oxford Union, 4/30/18

Oslo, 4/28/18

Bucharest, 4/19/18

Reno, 10/23/17

San Francisco (Cato), 9/23/16

Georgia (the country) given over Skype 7/15/16

Sao Paulo, 10/19/15 Audio. Powerpoints.

Seoul, 5/8/14

Institute for Economic Affairs, 1/15/13

GMU October 2011

Liberty Forum, March 20, 2010 (Video)

FreedomFest, July 10, 2009

Should We Abolish Criminal Law

At SCU with comments by David Sloss
Our answers to student questions included but questions deleted (mostly inaudible and we didn't have permission) from the students.

Students for Liberty Regional Conference, Berkeley, CA, Nov 3, 2012

La Sierra, October 18, 2010

Warsaw, 2008.  (Video)

Legal Systems Very Different From Ours

Online talk for "Serious Science"

A lengthy interview with Keith Knight

A longer than average talk, down online for an SSC meetup

Adam Smith Institute 2020 audio powerpoints

Porkfest 2013

Federalist Society, University of Tulsa Law School, October 3rd, 2011

(and their relevance to Seasteads)
Seasteading Conference, Sept 30, 2009
Video of the talk webbed by The Seasteading Institute

Jewish Law
Jerusalem Institute for Market Studies Conference, May 10, 2012, Jerusalem

Online talk, April 2022, Spotify, ApplePodcasts

Anarchism and Defense: The Hard Problem. ISFLC, 2/15/14

National Defense in a Stateless Society: The Hard Problem, Students for Liberty 11/9/13

What Economics is and Why It Isn't Boring SFL, Charlotte, 10/22/16

What Economics is, Why It Isn't Boring, and its Relevance to Human Welfare, IAI Talk online, 10/2/22

How to Make Economics Fun: A talk given to teachers who grade the AP Econ exam.

"The Market for Law: Notes Towards a Third Edition of The Machinery of  Freedom"
Liberalni Institute, Prague, May 29, 2012 [Does not seem to be still up]

Boise, Students for Liberty, March 16 2012, Audio, Video

The Market for Law
Cato, November 29, 2011 (Video)

Market Failure on the Market for Law (and some other stuff)
GMU, Buchanan House, October 20, 2011
First hour Some of the rest

Anarchy and Efficient Law
A video of a talk I gave for the Mises Institute in Brazil

What is Economics and What Does it Have to do With Law?

Federalist Society, University of Arkansas Law School, Fayetteville
(First few seconds missing)

Federalist Society, Santa Clara University, November 11, 2009

Book tv on C-Span2

Online for an audience in Iran, February 1, 2022.

Law, Economics and Liberty, Budapest April 26, 2022

"Encryption, Strong Privacy, and the Death of Copyright"
Lewis and Clark Law School, March 18, 2009

A World of Strong Privacy: Anarcho-Capitalism Online, Gothenburg, Sweden, May 2017

The Machinery of Freedom

Cato, December 2011

Libertopia, October 16, 2010, about the book and my plans for a third edition.

Illustrated Summary
A talk by me with illustrations added by someone I had never met. An Open Source approach to online video.

Rights Enforcement Without Government
The first part of an interview arranged and illustrated by the same artist. Now I've met him.


My debate with Walter Block on Austrian vs Chicago School Economics
Online, 12/13/21

My debate with Robert Wolff on Capitalism vs Socialism
Online, 11/5/20

My Debate with Austen Petersen on Anarchy vs Minarchy
(Recorded and webbed by someone else)

Debate on anarchy with James Scott, Robert Ellickson moderating (and participating)
Trinity College, CT, 11/14/16

No Government is Better Than Limited Government: My debate with Jan Helfeld. My comments on the debate. His response.

My 1981 debate with George Smith on Ethics vs Economics as a way of defending libertarianism.

“Libertarianism versus socialism as the optimal means to achieve freedom”: My 1977 debate with Tom Hayden.

Discussion on a range of topics
Barcelona, Mises Institute, 1/28/13
(First few minutes missing)

Discussion on Various Subjects
In class, La Sierra, October 18, 2010.

Discussion about ideas, mostly anarchism and philosophy, with Mathew Adelstein

Reputational Enforcement Online, Liberland Event, Serbia, 4/14/18

The Chicago vs the Austrian School, an exchange with Robert Murphy at Porcfest 2013

A Consequentialist Theory of Anarcho-Capitalism, Porcfest 2013

A Defense of Anarcho-Capitalism
Economics Club, Santa Clara University, November 11, 2009

Vinge, Heinlein, the Sagas, and Me: Stateless and Semi-Stateless Societies in Fiction and Semi-Fiction
Duke, 4/18/13


Some Ideas for Doctoral Theses in Economics
GMU, October 28, 2011

Schelling Points and Self-enforcing Contracts
GMU Public Choice Center, October 19th, 2011

Sustainability: Empty Rhetoric or a Bad Idea?  Talk   Power Points
SCU April 19, 2011

"Law, Technology and Economics: The Past and Future of Copyright"
University of Oregon Law School
March 18, 2009

A talk I gave in Porto Alegre, Brazil, on regulation, with Portuguese simultaneous translation.
 Part 1. Part 2.

Presentation on privacy, with two other speakers, at Columbia Law School, March 4, 2011. My part starts a bit more than half way through.


A video by me about my father, done for his induction into the New Jersey Hall of Fame

Illustrated Interviews

Tomasz Kaye first added illustrations to an old interview I had done, then did some additional interviews to which he has been adding illustrations.

The Machinery of Freedom: Illustrated summary

Rights Enforcement Without Government

What About the Poor?

My Old Talks

Libertarian Problems, Texas Libertarian Party Conference, 1981

An old talk of mine about my father that someone webbed as a video. My part starts about 22 minutes in.

A 1981 debate with George Smith on The Foundation for Libertarianism: Ethics or Economics

Audio Interviews and podcasts

LiberatED Podcast, "Thoughts on Unschooling"

Interview on "Modern Economics, Austrian Economics, and Uncertainty" in 20th Century Interviews

Interview on "Words and Numbers," 1/21/22

Interview on
In Vires in Numeris Podcast (12/16/21)

Interview for the Russian translation of Machinery in Russian. In English.

Recent online interview with Hermitix (2021)

Recent Podcast interview in Insurrection Inc.

with "The Economics Detective" on my Legal Systems Very Different from Ours draft, November 2017

Interview with Erik Torenberg on Venture Stories, 6/19

Conversation with George Schultz

Podcast on The Curious Task: What Does Law Have To Do With Economics
Video Interviews

From Private Property to Cyberspace on Silicone Talks

Long interview with Roderick Long

Interview with Keith Knight on Law's Order and other things, 9/19/20, Also webbed here.

Interview with Bob Murphy, 7/13/20

Interview with Patrick Donohue, 6/6/2019

Interview with Jason Hartman, 6/2019.

Interview with Todd Lewis
(The Praise of Folly Podcast) on my new book, Legal Systems Very Different From Ours (forthcoming).

A discussion with Todd Lewis (the Praise of Folly Podcast) on the problems of national defense for a stateless society.

An extended interview by Jadranko Brkic recorded in Hong Kong about 5/21/14

Interview at Porcfest 6/21/2013

A video interview with  me on libertarian parenting. interview on How to Privatize Everything, Libertopia 2012, San Diego

Brief interview by Jan Helfeld at ISFLC 2016

Another brief interview by Jan Helfeld at ISFLC 2016

Text Interviews

Interview in Prometheus, the Newsletter of the Libertarian Future Society, with Michael Grossberg.

Interview with Region Focus, a Federal Reserve of Richmond magazine, 2010

Interview for Baen Books about my novel Harald, with Toni Weiosskopf

Interview on Hidden Order with Brian Lamb, Booknotes.