Seminar Papers


Legal Systems Very Different From Ours
School of Law, Santa Clara University

Isra Abid, Shi'a Islam

Andrade, Dale Frank, The Aztec Legal System

Baxter, Kelly,  Amish Law

Benitendi, Lori, The Sebei of Uganda

Howe, Thomas, The Ottoman Legal System

Huber, Marisa, Holy Wars and Piratical Governments: Barbary Corsairs

Luca, David, The Ashanti Legal System

McComber, Devin, Oneida Commune & the many lovers of John Humphrey Noyes

Shaffer, Melanie, The Legal System on the Roof of the World

Strong, Alissa, The Maori People and Their Legal System

vanSteenburgh, Meg, Edo Period Japan: 250 Years of Peace

Papers by Students Who Prefer Anonymity

 Chinese Imperial Law

Courts of Love: Legal Structures of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

The Nation of Islam