The final draft of this book has now been published and is available on Amazon as either a paperback or a kindle.

This is a late draft, which I webbed for comments.


1.      Imperial Chinese Law

2.      Romani Law

3.      The Amish

4.      Jewish Law

5.      Islamic Law

6.      When God is the Legislator.

7.      Pirate Law  (by Peter Leeson)

8.     Prisoners’ Law (by David Skarbek)

9.    Embedded and Polylegal Systems

10.     Saga-Period Iceland

11.     Somali Law

12.     Early Irish Law

13.     Comanche, Kiowa and Cheyenne: The Plains Indians

14.     Feud Law

15.     England in the Eighteenth Century

16.    Athenian Law: The Work of a Mad Economist

17.    Enforcing Rules

18.    The Problem of Error

19.    Making Law

20.    Guarding the Guardians

       21.    Ideas We Can Use


The whole book as one file