Index to Ideas

Many of my published articles contain discussions of issues that may be of interest to libertarians. The purpose of this index is to help you find them. Most of the links are to articles or chapters; a few are to the places within an article or chapter where a particular point is discussed. The index is very incomplete. I intend to expand it late, and welcome suggestions for entries (and which of my writings they should link to).

Attempted Crimes: Should they be punished?

economics of
Related to different versions of efficiency.


Sketch of how it might work
Economic analysis of
the market for legal assent.
Rebuttal to "network externalities" argument against it.
Versus Limited Government
Via Encryption

Coase, Ronald: Ideas of


legal rules for dealing with breach
Case for freedom of


Marshall vs Pareto
When and why market outcomes are efficient


Why it Matters
Long Term Implications: Crypto-Anarchy

Iceland: Private Law Enforcement In


Economic Analysis of
Effect on the net welfare of Americans
The relation between
free immigration and welfare laws

Intellectual Property: The Economics of.

Land, Initial Appropriation of

Value of

Market Failure


Are there good arguments for treating it differently from other goods?

Private Law Enforcement:

England in the 18th century (private prosecution)
Economics of an efficient system of private enforcement
Shasta County, California


A Positive Explanation
Intellectual Property

Proprietary Community vs Local Government:
What is the difference?

Optimal Level of
Form of punishment
(fine vs execution vs ...)

Punitive Damages: Economic Explanations For


Alternatives: Private, Public, Voucher
Why have the public schools gotten worse?

Slaves: When we free them,
should the owners be compensated?
Virtue, the economics of.

Part 1
Part 2